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Most people think that copywriting has something to do with writing rights (copyrights). Actually, it is about the COMMERCIAL art of writing.


Do you need a text for ONLINE social posts, mails, landing pages, blogs...

contact ME!  


Even if that would be great, I'm not a ghost! But you might have read some of my texts without knowing it.

A ghostwriter writes NOT COMMERCIAL texts. The book you always dreamt of writing, the videogame you play, the cookbook and so many other projects.


Intrigued? Check my latest project! 

Danseuse de ballet


Oh yes, not getting any sleep any time soon...after fooling around with my creative writing for a while, I decided to get out there and self publish my scribblings.

Meet MILO AND THE MOON, a tale about Covid, loneliness and innocence. 

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Daaleindestraat 60, 3720 Kortessem

(Hasselt - Belgium)

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