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Collaboration with "Scripts"

Untold Secrets

A videogame for girls, what would that be?! That is what I asked myself when I heard of Scripts for the first time.

Ok, please don't shoot me for the snap judgment. I know girls can be gamers, and they can be great, but as it happens I instinctively think of videogames as a "thing for boys".


That is what intrigued me about this job: the mystery behind it, and the challenge!



What did I learn from this experience:




Selection procedure

Multiple choices

Out of your comfort zone

With thousands of hungry (and angry) writers out there, the competition is fierce! Your motivation is not enough and I have to admit they put my skills pretty under pressure during the selection procedure. I had to sweat it, but that made me realize how professional the team behind Scripts actually was.  

Discipline and planning are absolutely necessary to do this kind of experience. You have to write a lot, good and deliver on time!

People are crazy about it! It makes the role-play certainly more exciting and entertaining, but it is also very demanding of the author. Dialogues have to be consistent and stimulating and A LOT! 

Against what people might think, there is a very professional team behind Scripts. The first time you get a bad review from your editor you think like "ouch" but that's how you grow as a writer!

See your story get to life with a great design is not something happening everyday. I'm looking forward to see my story in pictures!

Writing romance, sex scenes or funny scenarios can look easy at first, but are they convincing enough to make people gonna want to read farther and even pay for it? Challenging, I can tell you!   

" We don't mind clichés,
as long as it's
well written. "

Emma Liangjun - Editor 

Wanna play?

It's gonna take a while for my first story to be put on Scripts.

But if you want to have fun with one of these interactive books, you can download it on your mobile!

Have fun!

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